WiFi & Networking

Wifi that actually works! Network you can access anywhere in the office or from home.

Wifi shouldn’t be hard, but it often is. Having good network connectivity in your office and your home is a necessity.

Most networks have been set up poorly in ways that don’t benefit the business or improve it’s everyday use.

Equipment and set up is often out of date, under, or over subscribed with no real regard for security.

We do things differently at Prel.im

Understanding your business needs

Gathering requirements is important and is sometimes a challenge. By understanding your business challenges we can ensure that requirements are not missed.

Advising on coverage and security

Applying the same approach used to deliver large enterprise networks, we can ensure your network is both secure and accessible no matter what the size.

Implementing changes to improve your business

We work with you to ensure changes are delivered swiftly without impacting on your business outcomes

I finally have wifi that works….and also the Earth is flat!

What we offer

Network Solutions

Your office network provides the backbone on which every other IT service is delivered. We provide cost effective solutions for businesses of all sizes scaled to suit your exact requirements.

Wi-Fi Solutions

We provide customers with Wi-Fi solutions that can scale from a handful of users through to hundreds. We ensure you have coverage where you need it using the right tool for each job.

VPN (Remote Working)

Whether your staff are temporarily or permanently based out of the office, we can deliver a solution that responds quickly to your needs, while ensuring the security of your network.

Our Partners

As with most small businesses we don’t do everything on our own. We’ve got great people who work alongside us to bring you the right solutions and services when you need them.

The Unifi platform from Ubiquiti provides SMEs with plenty of enterprise-grade features and performance without the associated large price.

Mikrotik has some fantastic specialist equipment that can fill every bespoke need and offer some brilliant options for 4G backup as well as remote offices.

Cisco’s enterprise heritage is unmatched.  Excellent for larger requirements and where compatibility with existing infrastructure needs to be maintained.

Speak to Chris

We’re a small team headed up by Chris. We work quickly and efficiently with low overheads to offer you the best value and the best solutions

Read more about Chris and our team

Email chris@prel.im or telephone 01932 80 80 99

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