Telephone & Comms

Need a telephone system that does what you need, when and where you need it to?

We know telephone systems like the back of our hand, in fact, we’ve helped clients all over the country to use telephone systems to grow and run their businesses more efficiently.

Questions we often hear…

Why can’t I find a telephone system for my business that works like a traditional phone system at home?

The cost of my business telephones is extremely high. Why is it so expensive? Is there a cheaper way to do the same thing?

I want people to get in touch with members of my team more easily without having to talk to 5 different people or spend ages on an automatic line pressing numbers. What can I do?

We’ve heard it all before…

Whatever telephone and communication challenges you have, we’re here to find a balanced solution for your business – giving you the best value for the cost.

What we offer


We’ll do our best to help with any IT problem you can throw at us! Through our experience and partner network, we can help your business operate efficiently and adapt to new challenges.

Unified Comms

We know telephone systems like the back of our hand. We will help you navigate through a dizzying number of products and services to deliver a cost effective solution for your business.

Custom Solutions

We specialise in delivering voice, video and data communications and love finding simple solutions to your complex problems.  We would love to work with you to find innovative ways to help your business.

Try calling with the wifi off and from over by the coffee machine.

Our Partners

As with most small businesses we don’t do everything on our own. We’ve got great people who work alongside us to bring you the right solutions and services when you need them.

Sangoma Silver Partner Logo

The market leader in open telecommunications solutions. Over the last two decades Sangoma have grown from building telephony hardware to becoming the market leader of telephony solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. From interconnecting with legacy telephone systems through to systems hosted for you, no requirement is too complex.

Microsoft’s Office 365 platform provides a range of collaboration tools allowing teams to communicate via voice and video. If you already use 365, contact us to find out how we can enhance your solution to include calls to/from standard phone numbers.

Speak to Chris

We’re a small team headed up by Chris. We work quickly and efficiently with low overheads to offer you the best value and the best solutions

Read more about Chris and our team

Email or telephone 01932 80 80 99

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