About Us

A message from our founder Chris Notley.

After 18 years working in IT (from finance to manufacturing and elite sports), I stumbled into a product development role that showed me the other side of IT and what it feels like to be a business customer with IT problems.

I could see most IT departments were operating inside a bubble, not understanding or caring about the requirements of their clients’ businesses.

So in 2017 I started Prelim to work with small and medium sized businesses who wanted innovative IT solutions that would fit the specific needs of their business exactly. At Prelim we provide a solution around each exact business problem – not a ‘one-size fits-all’ IT approach.

Not everyone is a fan of IT – and you don’t have to be! My hope is that we can help fill the gaps in your business to bring you new opportunities, efficiencies and more.

If you’d like to find out how we can help your business please email me at chris@prel.im.

The three simple reasons Prelim clients have a GOOD IT experience.

We assess and ‘stabilise’ immediate problems

We take time to understand your IT systems and your specific business needs, so we can offer you the best advice possible – putting out any immediate fires we find in the process

We choose the right solution for your business

There are hi-tech expensive solutions and simple low cost ones and a range of solutions in between. We choose the right solution for your business.

We keep focussed on your business needs

We’re committed to bringing you outstanding value. We keep things simple and easy for you, so you get the best outcomes possible for your business.

Our Partners

As with most small businesses we don’t do everything on our own. We’ve got great people who work alongside us to bring you the right solutions and services when you need them.

Have you switched it on and off again?

What people DO say about us…

  • Prelim let’s me get on with running my business. I love not having to think about the IT stuff, and knowing that if something comes up they will fix it quickly and without too much hassle.
    Caroline Walker, Founder of The Joyful Doctor
  • Prelim took the time to understand our new working from home requirements and setup a phone system that ticked all the boxes and was within our budget. Works everytime. Thanks Chris!
    Harry East, Director of Made By Prism
  • Chris guided us through a range of communication solutions, helping us to balance our technical and commercial needs for a client project. The product he set up for us meets our own needs and our own client is happy with it too
    Thomas Sors, CEO of Beam Connectivity
  • Prelim worked with us to quickly understand our problem and put together a swift demonstration to show our core stakeholders how migrating to the cloud would help cut costs
    Arnold Agyeman, Director of Occamsec

Speak to Chris

We’re a small team headed up by Chris. We work quickly and efficiently with low overheads to offer you the best value and the best solutions

Read more about Chris and our team

Email chris@prel.im or telephone 01932 80 80 99

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